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About Us

Owning my own business is not something I ever imagined or thought of growing up. I came from a family of educators, and it was always my goal to get into that same field. I graduated college and quickly began what I thought would be a career as a teacher.

I had my first child in 2013 and we decided that I would stay at home with Jude Taylor. Nineteen months later, I had my second child, Chapel Dottie. Taylor & Dottie was started back in 2015 in hopes to continue to stay at home with my two children.

I have always had a love for fashion and knew how difficult it was to shop with little ones - so I decided to do online sales with women's clothing!  I continue to be in awe with the love and support giving to me by my loyal, sweet, genuine customers. God has truly blessed me and my sweet family.   

Although Taylor & Dottie has grown beyond my wildest dreams, I am still afforded the opportunity to stay at home with my children. Since Taylor & Dottie was started, we have also welcomed our third child, Sage L.

Taylor & Dottie has been such a blessing to me. My hope is that through Taylor & Dottie, women of all ages can find great clothes at great prices.